Social Security Disability

If you are disabled or anticipate being disabled for twelve continuous months, then you need to consider filing for Social Security Disability and/or SSI benefits.

File your claim with the Social Security Administration. Go to an office near you or telephone (800) 772-1213 for instructions and get your claim filed. These cases generally take several months. When in doubt about your disability (a back surgery, for example, where the length of time that you will be off work is unknown), file the claim. If you recover and are back to work within the twelve month period of time, nothing is lost. You can then dismiss the claim or do a trial work period. You do not need a lawyer to assist in filing your claim with the Social Security Administration. In fact, a lawyer can do very little for you at the initial stage of the filing. You may, however, contact us to answer your questions. There is no consultation fee. We will be happy to assist you in getting started. It is only after you have been denied by the Social Security Administration that you will need to retain a lawyer.

You need not be concerned about not having the money to hire a lawyer.

At Palguta & Hesselgrave there are no hidden costs, no advancement of expenses, and no advancement on the attorney fee. You only pay an attorney fee when we are successful on your case. The attorney fee is twenty-five percent (25%) of all back lump-sum benefits up to a maximum of $5,300.00. If we are unsuccessful in getting your benefits, then there is no fee. In other words, you will need no money to hire us to represent you.

As for any expenses, with Palguta & Hesselgrave this should not concern you. The expenses refer only to medical related costs, such as the accumulation of medical records and acquiring special reports from medical providers. We routinely advance the expenses. Any expense of any significance will be first cleared with the you, thus there are never any surprises with Palguta & Hesselgrave.

Please do not be discouraged by a denial of benefit by the Social Security Administration.

Rather than being disheartened by a denial, simply look upon the first and second stage denials as steps along the way. If these early denials of social security disability benefits were the final word, Palguta & Hesselgrave (and others) would not be vying for your business. Rather than being discouraged, get aggressive and talk to a lawyer. At Palguta & Hesselgrave, we think you should be calling us, because of our experience and knowledge. The point, however, is to contact a lawyer.

Upon being denied social security disability benefits, it is critical that you contact us immediately.

There are time limits. Upon being denied social security disability benefits you have but sixty (60) days to file an appeal. This time period is extended by five (5) days for mailing. It is difficult to get the Social Security Administration to waive the sixty day filing requirement. It is important, therefore, to contact us immediately upon being denied.

Where possible, it is important to follow through with medical care.

Remember, the most persuasive evidence of disability lies in the medical records. There must be a medically determined physical or mental impairment before benefits can be awarded. We know that this requirement is sometimes difficult to accomplish. Too often our clients have no money and no health insurance. Contact us so that we can talk this through. It is a crucial step in achieving social security disability.

Choose a lawyer who is experienced and who understands the process.

Make no mistake about it, these are difficult cases. You may feel as though your disability is obvious. But, this is a legal process. There are requirements at law. And everything comes into play, including age, work experience, formal education, transferability of skills, and, of course, the seriousness of the impairment. It is important to have a lawyer at your side who fully understands what constitutes disability in the eyes of the Social Security Administration and how to present your case in such a manner that it has a chance for success. At Palguta & Hesselgrave, that is precisely what we do.