Worker's Compensation

As experienced worker's compensation attorneys, we are on your side, whether it is in getting the claim filed with the Indiana Worker's Compensation Board so as to get benefits started or in getting benefits resumed that have been cut off by the worker's compensation insurance carrier.

You are a hard worker who has been injured on the job. You want fair compensation. You need an experienced lawyer. Palguta & Hesselgrave has the experience that you need.

We know that the laws favor the employer. But, we also know that that is not the end of the story. Whether you are challenging an impairment rating or a release that you believe has been too quickly made, or you believe that you may have a case of permanently disabled, there are protections under the Indiana Worker’s Compensation laws that the experienced lawyer can use to your advantage and benefit.

We know and understand the Indiana Worker’s Compensation laws and case law and how to use them to increase the likelihood of success for our clients.

For you to be covered by the worker's compensation laws, you must have sustained an injury arising out of and in the course of your employment. This simple language has been interpreted by the Indiana courts to include and exclude many situations that may or may not seem obvious. When in doubt, or when being denied by a worker's compensation insurance carrier based on such reasoning as (1) not job related or (2) because of a pre-existing condition, get the legal help you need and deserve. Do not accept the insurance carrier’s decision as the final word on your situation. Contact us. We will share our thoughts on your case. No names needed.

Whether your injury is the result of slip and fall, a parking lot incident, an injury while traveling to and from work, or a cumulative trauma (degenerative disc disease or carpal tunnel syndrome, for example), call upon the law firm that has the background to be of help. At Palguta & Hesselgrave, we understand that a worker's compensation claim can be one of the more important occurrences in a worker’s lifetime. We understand that there is a physical and emotional side to these injuries. We understand that our clients are engaged in a process that wears on them in every way imaginable. In other words, we understand the urgencies involved and we will do whatever we can to see that you are treated as fairly as the Indiana worker's compensation laws allow. We take your injury and our job seriously. We regularly go up against the industrial giants and we win.

Another aspect of Indiana Worker's Compensation that is becoming increasing relevant and complicated is the manner in which both Social Security Disability and Medicare impact on Worker's Compensation benefits and settlements.

Where a person is applying for both social security disability and worker's compensation benefits, the Social Security set-off and the Medicare set-aside are factors that must be considered so as to maximize a claimant’s benefits on both. If the interaction between social security disability and worker's compensation is not taken fully into consideration, the results can be disastrous, including a loss or reduction of social security disability benefits and the loss of Medicare coverage. It is important for a claimant to choose an attorney who fully understands the manner in which Indiana Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Medicare interact in both positive and negative ways.

Choose Palguta & Hesselgrave and be assured that your lawyer will handle your worker's compensation case in such as way that you will not be penalized by the Social Security Administration in suffer lost or reduced social security disability and Medicare benefits.