About the Firm

Since 1996, the slogan of the law firm of Palguta Falks & Hesselgrave has been ‘Representing the Disabled.’

We basically limit our practice to representing people in Indiana, or people whom are subject to the laws of Indiana, who are in need of benefits from Social Security Disability, SSI, and/or Indiana Worker's Compensation. Our firm was founded on the belief that, in limiting our practice to these areas of law, all of which are similar in nature and which often intertwine in very complex ways, we increase our ability to aggressively represent our clients, as we fight to achieve for them the maximum benefits allowed by law.

At Palguta Falks & Hesselgrave there are no attorney’s fees unless we are successful in our representation. At Palguta & Hesselgrave you need not struggle to get into our offices unless you want to see us in person. If you contact us and are comfortable with all that you learn from and about us, we will get you the paperwork and you can avoid what is sometimes a painful or difficult trip to the lawyer’s office. You only make the trip to see your lawyer if that is what you want. At Palguta Falks & Hesselgrave there are never any surprises with expenses. At Palguta Falks & Hesselgrave, unlike most firms, we will personally take your case all the way to the Court of Appeals if necessary. We don’t farm out or bring in other lawyers to handle appeals. Our belief is that the lawyer on the case from the beginning is the best lawyer for the difficult job of the appeal. Finally and most importantly, at Palguta Falks & Hesselgrave all of our efforts are combined with our experience to insure that our clients are treated fairly under the law. We are on your side.

You may contact us and learn about the law and about your case without making any commitments. We won’t even ask your name, until you decide that ours is the law firm for you.