Reg Hesselgrave

Reg Hesselgrave is also a product of the Indiana University Law School at Indianapolis and also proudly proclaims himself as a disability lawyer. His experience is varied and steeped in the area of litigation. He served as a public defender in the Marion County Superior Courts, where he was death penalty qualified and thereby represented defendants charged with the most serious of crimes. His litigation experience is extensive, as he has successfully represented clients at every level of the court system, including the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court. He is currently a Registered Civil Mediator, having been selected more than fifty times by other lawyers to assist them as the mediator in difficult worker's compensation and personal injury cases. Other than mediation, he now basically confines his practice to representing claimants in the areas of social security disability and worker's compensation. His extensive trial and appellate experience is put to full use in taking meritorious cases all the way through the federal district court level and up to the Indiana Supreme Court. Here, again, experience and knowledge of law and procedure.